Sunday, January 23, 2011

ZTE USB modem ZeroCD activation

After installing Vodafone USB modem (ZTE k3571-z) software on the Windows XP it considered the modem won't be used at any other places and disabled ZeroCD (drivers/software CD-ROM emulation based on modem built-in flash) functionality completely.
Windows 7 one same computer detected modem and installed the drivers successfully, but nothing was working properly without the Vodafone (or any other generic ZTE) software. The solution was found at this page:
open any terminal program and use it to connect the main modem port (you can find one at Control Panel/Modems applet), enter the following commands:

Reinsert modem, the system should find a new CD-ROM disk and propose to start the modem software installation. Might also work with other ZTE modem's.
SEO: ZTE k3571Z switch flash disk mode cd-rom terminal AT

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