Sunday, August 2, 2015

Extra rinse in Electrolux (AEG, Zanussi) dishwashers

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Finding how to enable Extra Rinse in current models of dishwashers is very hard for causal user (although in the past it was described in manuals or even through separate button). This is, most likely, just another consequence of fight for ecology. Although I really like our planet I prefer dishes not smelling with detergent at the cost of 1-2 litters of fresh water (we are spending much more for each flush of the toilet). 
So after we bought Electrolux dishwasher I spent heaps of time (probably around 10 hours in total) finding information on how to enable Extra Rinse or even a simple not-outdated service manual. Well, you are lucky enough to read it in my post below :)

Ok, I've got ESL97610, but as far as I can tell this should work very similar in other models of close generations (like ESL6601 ESL6301 etc):
1. Turn on dishwasher
2. Press and hold first and third button together (counting from the left side, where the screen normally is, not counting On/Off button) for 4 seconds
3. LEDs above first 3 buttons will start blinking
4. Press first and second button together
5. Screen will display E0 or E1 (extra rinse Off or On, 1 = On)
6. You can switch the setting using the first button
7. Save your selection by turning your dishwasher Off with On/Off button

Instruction for earlier models (circa 2002, like EDW1000, which is readily available from everywhere on internet) were saying to press button 1 and 3 before turning the appliance on (with the rest of instruction being the same), and that small change cost me a lot of time :) It is  easy to understand why that was changed - old appliances were using push buttons and not sensor ones like in current models :)

Instruction for my model (or similar ones) was find by googling "EDW1953 manual", with EDW1953 being an electronic board version. It is available for download from here (or my mirror).
You can look for version of your electronic board in spare parts shops (like this one for electrolux), or in some technical or educational materials like this. is also a good source of manuals (just search for part of the name like ESL).

Some keywords for google: EDW1953 EDW1753 EDW1503 EDW1103 EDW4013 EDW500 EDW503 EDW1900 EDW2200 Extra rinse rinse+ Electrolux Zanussi AEG EDW1XXX EDW1953 EDW1753 EDW1503 Service Manual Сервисная ESL ESL6351 ESL6601 ESL97610 Dishwasher ESL6552RA ESL6550RO ESL6551RO ESL6601RA ESL96361LO ESL6381RA ESL98330RO ESL7320RA ESLP6815RA ESL97610RA ESL98510RO ESL96211LO ESL9531LO ESL6380RO ESL95201LO ESL97310RO ESL6392RA ESL6552RO ESL96351LO ESL98310RA ESL7310RA ESL97510RO ESL6810RO ESL98810RA ESL6810RA ESL95330LO ESL6601RO